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Please use the help resources on this page as a first port-of-call for help with Asset Library. For further support, including technical and rights queries, please visit myCloud/myHelp or contact

What Help is Available Here?

We have created a number of guides to help you get the most out of Asset Library.

To begin, please choose from the following help options:

Getting Started

Getting Started Quick Guide (PDF)

Asset Library Terms and Conditions of Use (English) (PDF)

Asset Library Terms and Conditions of Use (French Canadian)(PDF)


Search and Functionality

Search Tips Quick Guide (PDF)

Icons at a Glance Quick Guide (PDF)

Comparative Previews Quick Guide (PDF)

Downloading and Ordering Assets

Downloading and Ordering Hi-Res Assets Quick Guide (PDF)


Creating and Sharing a Lightbox Quick Guide (PDF)

Rights and Restrictions

Restrictions and Exclusivity Quick Guide (PDF)

Submitting Assets for Asset Library

Photographer Guidelines (PDF)

Pearson Custom XMP Panels (ZIP)

Artwork Guidelines (PDF)

What's New?

Asset Library Version 1.1 Quick Guide (PDF)